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Women comprise a majority of adult citizens of the United States. This majority of American citizens and California residents sometimes still do not receive equitable treatment in employment. Workplace gender discrimination is a persistent issue. This is the case in California and across the U.S. If you feel you are the victim of some type of employment gender discrimination, contact a lawyer. You get an explanation of your rights by calling the legal team at the Labor Attorneys Law Offices. You can connect with a California workplace gender discrimination lawyer at (800) 337-7436.

Definition of Gender Discrimination

The legal definition of gender discrimination is any action that works to specifically deny opportunities, privileges, or rewards to a person because of gender. Gender discrimination occurs in the workplace as well as in schools or academia. Complaints of gender discrimination have also been brought forward in the context of different types of other organizations.

In the workplace, the legal protection against gender discrimination extends beyond employees. Individuals seeking employment with a particular company are protected against gender discrimination during the application process.

Federal Laws Protecting You Against Gender Discrimination

The focus on gender discrimination in employment started to occur in the 1960s. The Civil Rights Act of 1965 gets a great deal of attention for the protections against discrimination based on race. The Civil Rights Act also prohibits in settings like the workplace discrimination based on:

  • Gender
  • National origin
  • Religion

California Laws on Gender Discrimination and Related Issues

California gender discrimination law adds to the protections in federal law, including the Civil Rights Act. State law provides some additional protections not found in federal law.

In the past several years the state of California has required employers not to discriminate against people because of gender identity and expression. The revisions to California law require recognition of gender identity when it comes to issues like:

  • Recognizing worker’s preferred gender identity
  • Work dress codes
  • Restroom facility usage
  • Recognizing employee’s unique issues associated with gender-related transitioning
  • Recognizing worker’s preferred name

Common Examples of Gender Discrimination Prohibited by Federal and California Law

Workplace gender discrimination comes in many forms. Specific facts and circumstances surrounding conduct govern whether something is considered employment gender discrimination. The U.S. Supreme Court has identified a variety of situations that give rise to gender discrimination. The facts of a specific situation still govern whether discrimination exists.

Before diving a bit deeper into examples of workplace gender discrimination, one important point needs to be made. There are instances in which conduct in an employment setting can trigger both complaints of gender discrimination and of sexual harassment.

Some examples of workplace gender discrimination include, but are not limited to:

  • Preferences in hiring that favor one gender over another
  • Preferences in promotion that favor one gender over another
  • Disparate pay based on gender
  • Other types of workplace benefits, allowances, and advantages that favor one gender over another
  • Conduct and statements in the workplace that demean individuals of a particular gender (behavior which is also an example of what can cross the line in regard to both gender discrimination and sexual harassment)
  • Inappropriate gender-specific standards utilized in the hiring process
  • Inappropriate gender-specific standards utilized in the promotion process

The experienced, dedicated, tenacious legal team at California Labor Attorneys law offices can provide you with more information. You can reach the firm by calling (800) 337-7436.

Document Your Workplace Gender Discrimination Experiences

Documenting your experiences is very important. California law gives significant weight to the contemporaneous documentation of illegal or inappropriate conduct in the workplace, including actions that arguably constitute gender discrimination.

Keep a journal or diary as part of pursuing a gender discrimination claim. Precisely recording instances of perceived gender discrimination needs to include concise description of what occurred coupled with date and time identifiers.

In documenting gender discrimination, you also need to maintain a list of witnesses. These include first-hand witnesses. In addition, there may be people who may have experienced this type of disparate treatment in the past. Additionally, you may identify colleagues to speak to the business culture associated with your employment. Finally, you may find individuals who contradict your allegations.

Justice and Compensation After Workplace Gender Discrimination

Justice, accountability, and compensation in a workplace gender discrimination case comes in a number of different forms. A suitable resolution of this type of discrimination claim not only depends on your own individual needs, goals, and objectives but upon the unique facts and circumstances surrounding you situation as well.

With this noted, a resolution of a workplace discrimination case can include financial compensation to you for your losses. This can include financial payments to you for lost wages, emotional distress, impairment of your reputation, and other losses directly associated with you having been the target of workplace gender discrimination.

You may desire your job back to a California gender discrimination claim. Similarly, you may want back benefits and associated compensation for your claim.

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If you believe that you have been the victim of workplace gender discrimination or this type of discrimination in some other setting, you need to be proactive when it comes to asserting your important legal rights. A number of significant deadlines exist in the workplace gender discrimination claim process. Consequently, you need to be as proactive as possible in reaching out to a skilled, dedicated, experienced California workplace gender discrimination lawyer at the Labor Attorneys law firm.

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